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Navigating a STEM School as a Non-STEM Teacher

Four tips on how to collaborate with your STEM colleagues so your subject doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

By Andrew Miller

December 5, 2016

Combine Maker Activities and STEM Lessons – By Anne Jolly, September 2016

Bring STEM Lessons to Any Subject Area – By ISTE, June 2016

36 Resources for STEM Project-Based Learning Activities – By Global Digital Citizen Foundation, August 2016

Elevate Learning with Drones – ISTE Connects, July 2016

Pop Up and Make: Student-Designed and Facilitated Makerspaces – By Stephanie West-Puckett via Edutopia July 2016

Makerspaces and Equal Access to Learning – By Laura Fleming and Billy Krakower via Edutopia July 2016

Moving from Teaching STEM to Doing STEM – Getting kids engaged and excited about learning in the STEM Classroom By Vicki Davis July 2016

Games Plus Maker Equals Engaged Learning – ISTE June 2016

STEAMEd Magazine – A quarterly collection of a wide variety of STEAM related articles which is free to download

6 Must-Haves for Developing a Maker Mindset – EdSurge June 2016

How to Incubate Creativity in School Through Making and Discovery – Katrina Schwartz via MindShift Sept 2015

Enough Tchotchkes! Get Students Making Meaningful 3D Projects – ISTE Josh Burker June 2015

Infographic: The History of 3D Printing – May be worthwhile discussing with students and displaying in your classroom

Malcolm Turnbull – STEM Must Be Compulsory in Senior School – (June 2016) ARNnet

This Is Why Making Your Own Video Games Leads To Quality Learning – (April 2016) An article discussing how students can benefit from developing their own games… becoming creators rather than just consumers of gaming technologies.

Schools Test New Approaches to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Learning – (March 2016) An article from the ABC ‘Schools are taking a community-wide approach to bolstering science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning, forging partnerships with businesses and other organisations in South Australia.’

What’s the Best Investment in Your Kid’s Education? Learning to Code – (February 2016) An article from SBS. Coding for kids, from as young as four, has never been more accessible with clubs and online tutorials that make computer engineering easy to begin, fun to learn, and a social activity. Here’s how to get them started.

Unlocking the Code for Robotics in the Classroom – (January 2016) Off the back of President Obama’s recent State of the Union address, this article discusses why and how we should introduce coding and robotics into the classroom.

What a School District Designed for Computational Thinking Looks Like – (November 2015) “We are not out to create an army of coders; we want to create students who will be successful in the world,” Rondinelli said. “It’s not that we’ve veered away from traditional education. But we’ve built in a research and development space with these labs and STEAM coordinators that allows us to change and adapt as the world changes.”

Australia’s First Specialist STEM Schools on the Horizon – (July 2015) Looking at specialised STEM schools popping up in the Sydney area written by James Reid

Don’t force it: elusive solutions to Australia’s STEM problem – (June 2015) By David Donaldson

Progressing STEM Schools in Australia – (March 2015) A look into how to address the great need of STEM-skilled employees in our workforce written by The Australian Industry Group

Case Study: Design Thinking STEAM School – (March 2015) A look at Riverpoint Academy in Washington which allows students to identify real work problems, prototype solutions and implement design solutions. This school uses Little Bits circuits.