Makerspaces Lead to School and Community Successes

MARCH 21, 2016


Makerspaces for Education – A webpage with a lot of different information to aid in the implementation of Makerspaces in educational institutions. Great resource!


What is a Maker Space? – (June 2014) A 1-minute video explaining what a Maker Space is

Makerspaces – The Future of Education – (March 2013) A TED Talk by Marc Teusch at TEDxLuxembourgCity


What the Heck is a Makerspace? – (January 2017) An article explaining Makerspaces by The Tech Edvocate

Crafting Professional Development for Maker Educators – (September 2016) An article about providing professional development regarding the Maker Movement by Colleen Graves for Edutopia

Five Ways to Ensure Real Learning Happens in Maker-Enhanced Projects – (August 2016) An article from Mindshift

Q&A with Makerspaces Innovator Laura Fleming – (March 2016) An interview with the managing editor of EdTech Magazine

30 Ways to Create Conditions to Inspire in a Makerspace – (March 2106) An article from Makerspace guru Laura Fleming

Makerspaces Lead to School and Community Success – (March 2016) An article from Edutopia on the various ways that Makerspaces can improve outcomes.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to 3D Printing – Tons of resources including publications, lesson plans, apps and websites!

Worlds of Making @ New Milford High School – New Milford is a school in the United States leading the way in the area of Makerspaces

Creating School Library Makerspaces – A very thorough article including real experiences and videos about establishing a makerspace in a school.

Evolution of a Maker Space – (June 2015) An article about how a librarian started a Makerspace in her library in Texas in the United States written by Colleen Graves


Maker Spaces: Experimenting with STEM in the Classroom – (Sept 2014) ABC Splash Podcast discussing STEM and the Maker Movement with Roland Gesthuizen, e-learing coordinator at Keysborough Secondary College; Annabel Astbury, head of ABC Splash; and producer Kulja Coulston

Online Books

*MakerSpace Playbook – (2013) This book gives you a good overall understanding of what a Maker Space is and how to set one up. A great resources to start with! Written by Maker Media

Youth Makerspace Playbook – (2015) a version of the original specifically geared towards a younger demographic

Some posters that we have hanging in our Maker Space:

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