3D Printing

There are a lot of resources and ideas around 3D printing. We will gather some here that may be helpful to teachers who are starting out.

7 3D Printing STEM Projects to do with your class – printable PDF by Stratasys

3D Printed Plane Unit – printable PDF by BBC Ireland

3D Printed Cookie Cutters Lesson – printable PDF by Siemens PLM Academic

3D Printed Toy Top Lesson – Printable PDF by Siemens PLM Academic

40 STL File Websites with the Best 3D Printing Models – Blog by Layertrove

Thingiverse – website with many 3D printable objects that can be customised or simply serve as inspiration for units/lessons

The Invent to Learn Guide to 3D Printing in the Classroom: Recipes for Success
– a book that we highly recommend by David Thornburg, Norma Thornburg and Sara Armstrong

Ideas for using 3D Printing in the Classroom:

  • print historical artefacts
  • create characters from books or create characters and write a story around your character
  • print mathematical shapes and/or structures
  • print scientific models
  • design and print bridges to test for different variables
  • investigate sound and create speakers for an iPod/iPhone
  • learn about aerodynamics through printing toy drag racers or airplanes

3D Printing Software

There are many software programs you can use to create your 3D printing files. We are currently using Tinkercad mainly which is free online. We have had great success with this as we are still only new to 3D printing. The following lists a few more free ones that we have heard good things about.

Microsoft Word - 3D Printing Software.docx

(This document is an excerpt from information found at http://3dprintingforbeginners.com/software-tools/)